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True Conviction
by Karen Pecota

There are new freedom fighters among us helping wrongfully convicted prisoners obtain their freedom through the help of new ways of testing DNA to find evidence or new information. One might think that the horrific tragedy of being wrongfully accused rarely happens today but that is not the truth.

Filmmaker Jamie Meltzer explains the situation in his latest documentary TRUE CONVICTION.

Texas exonerees Christopher Scott, Johnnie Lindsey and Steven Phillips form an unlikely "dream team" of investigators after serving a combined sixty-year prison sentence for crimes they did not commit.

Meltzer focuses on two cases that the "dream team" holds as clients: Max Soffel and Isaiah Hill. Max is a Death Row inmates of thirty-five years. He was forced into a triple murder confession in Houston when he was a young adult. Isaiah's sentence to life in prison on aggravated assault charges after refusing a plea bargain.

The "dream team" is named appropriately for they work endlessly to bring hope to the victims and their families of injustice. They understand and dream big to help rebuild lives while on a campaign to change the criminal justice system one case at a time. A remarkable story of love, acceptance and forgiveness.