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I AM Heath Ledger
by Karen Pecota

Filmmakers Addrian Buitenhuis and Derik Murray collaborate with Spike TV and Network Entertainment to present yet another documentary in the “I Am series,” called, I Am Heather Ledger, a full-length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger as an actor, artist and friend.

The film explores the simplistic transparency of his own personal journey which he documents in part with his own camera. Ledger's story is through his lens. Creative. Extravagant. Loving. Real. These words describe not only his character but his depth of love and affection for those who entered his world. His extraordinary personality and natural artistic abilities propelled him to the heights of stardom with unbelievable ease. His unforgettable smile and confident demeanor endeared him to the world.

Ledger's story is told by actors, directors, musicians, childhood friends, artist collaborators and the Ledger family. Each brings to light a different side of Ledger's endearing qualities and the wildly crazy side of his risk-taking edge.

Ledger arrives in Los Angeles at the age of 19 years old. He lives in a house with artists, actors and filmmakers. His first Hollywood audition remarkably gives him the lead role in the successful teen romance with Julia Stiles in Ten Things I Hate About You. The success opened the doors for many more scripts for teen films but Ledger turned them away. He patiently waited for roles that would challenge him and his acting abilities for the best possible career choice.

The film's that molded his Hollywood career thereafter were The Patriot with Mel Gibson, A Knight's Tale, Monster Ball, Brokeback Mountain, I'm Not There, as the Joker in The Dark Knight and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

Ledger found love with his co-star actress Michelle Williams while filming Brokeback Mountain and they become parents to a beautiful daughter, Matilda, born in 2005.

The unexpected passing of Ledger at the age of 28 years old has been a great loss but his legacy continues to live on through the memories of his love-ones and the accomplishments achieved at such a young age. (Karen Pecota)

Network Entertainment's other projects in the I Am series include: I Am Bruce Lee, I Am Chris Farley, I Am Steve McQueen, I Am Evel Knievel, Johnny Cash - American Rebel, The Cowboy, I Am JFK Jr., and a seven-part series for National Geographic, called Facing.