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The Resilient Heart
by Karen Pecota

I attended a private showing of a fascinating documentary from Grammy award-winning and Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Susan Froemke, dealing with the grave epidemic of heart disease affecting humans across the globe.

I was privileged to sit next to a couple in their 90s, who happened to be patients of the doctor featured in the documentary. The stories they personally shared with me about the impact of Dr. Fuster's study, research and practical work is remarkable, as is their relationship with him. It was no wonder the film's The Resilient Heart tagline states: A Deadly Disease. A Life's Work. A Global Mission.

A beautiful story is told in the documentary film The Resilient Heart about how Dr. Valentin Fuster, world-renowned cardiovascular scientist and Physician-in-Chief at The Mount Sinai Hospital, is fighting heart disease across the globe. Dr. Fuster is all about saving lives and his mission is in regard to early education. If one can be educated about heart disease from a young age then earlier detection of the symptoms have the potential to save lives worldwide.

Dr. Fuster is working hard to coordinate global health initiatives, proactive public policy and the passion of people to better the health and well-being of their communities in all walks of life. The documentary follows Dr. Fuster and his team traveling to Kenya, Bogota, Grenada, Madrid and Harlem to give witness to the impact of their efforts, giving credence from physician to the patient to the importance of the collaboration with science, medicine, research, education and compassion to save lives from the physician to the patient. A magnificent work in progress aimed to slow the progression of heart disease.