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How We Met
by Geysa Wiemann

Singing in a choir has been my hobby for many years. In one singing group in Hamburg, I had a musically sure singer who sat beside me during the rehearsals. Until due to a new job, she had to (unfortunately for the singers) leave the choir ... what a loss. This occurred, more or less, 12 years ago.

Then, in 2017 I went to the Opening Ceremony of the IKFF for the first time. And, to my great surprise, I saw my colleague from the choir, but this time she was on the stage starting the Festival! After the ceremony I thought, “It would be a great experience for our Film Group to interview her..."

Well, this year my wish was fulfilled! After some phone calls (she is busy) I was able to talk to her, and we were so lucky – she agreed to an interview!!! Her name? Alexandra Gramatke!