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The Last Storm
by Karen Pecota

British Liam Saint-Pierre directed, produced and filmed The Last Storm a narrative initially about chasing tornados that turns into a meaningful bond of friendship shared by two men decades apart in age. A shared passion allows us to connect with others and Saint-Pierre captures a tale of two tornados.

Mark, a sixty-year-old, recovering alcoholic, diagnosed with lung cancer and an amateur storm chaser. One desire on his bucket list is to track down a tornado before the two month storm season comes to an end. Mark shares his wish with a friend who has a nephew, Mike, with the same passion. The two are connected and embark on a journey across the Midwest in search of the "mother-load" tornado each desire to chase.

Saint-Pierre in his documentary The Last Storm presents much more than a narrative about chasing dangerous weather patterns. He shares how through a shared passion, one experiences a quality of life that is far more meaningful than that of chasing "rainbows." The relationship building between Mark and Mike, though of different generations, proves to be a wonderful surprise discovery in the eye of a storm.