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Hölmö nuori sydän (Stupid Young Heart): (Winner of the Crystal Bear Generation 14 plus)
by Shelly Schoeneshoefer

Selma Vilhunen, Finland

Who would ever guess a one night stand could cause so much trouble? Skinny 15 year old Lenni (Jere Ristseppä) dream comes true when he hooks up with the vivacious and beautiful Kiira (Rosa Honkonen) at a party one night. He divulges that he has been in love with her for the last two years until he finds out she is pregnant. Both Lenni and Kiira have one thing in common, the father figure is non-existent in their lives. Do they want to repeat history or can they change their path? Although we see Kiira who is disciplined in her school work, sports and plans to be different from her single mom who has trouble handling life with too many kids, we also see her naivety. She first decides to have an abortion, and when the doctor tells her she can’t keep using abortion as a birth control method, she answers that was with a different boy. She herself realizes she needs to grow up and confronts Lenni who is very immature and doesn’t know what to say.  For Lenni, it is quite the opposite. Since most of his peers make fun of him, a surprise meeting of a right wing extremist Jenne (Ville Haapasalo) who tries to make a man out of him but using the wrong references sending him down the wrong path in the diverse community where he lives.

This film is endearing, raw, and sometimes shocking. Two kids forced to grow up fast which will take nine months if they get it right.  Both screen writer Kirsikka Saari and Selma Vilhunen are not strangers to creating dynamic films. They both received an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Live Action Short Film in 2013 for the film DO I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING?They were so busy that they didn’t even have time to show up for the opening of their film. That was such a pity since the audience loved their film.