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Episodic Category - Of Mics and Men: Wu Tang Clan
by Karen Pecota

Episodic Category - 4 episodes completed - 2 episodes for screening

Named it "Of Mics and Men" because the group is a classic

Group was first named: Wu-Tang Slan

Director: Sacha Jenkins

Executive producers: Peter J Scalettar, Peter Bittenbender, Christ Gary


Jenkins documentary shares a historical piece of music history of artists, known as Wu-Tang Clan, who escape poverty, violence and oppression from their neighborhood. Their twenty-five year journey takes on a wild ride of success due to their style of music which over time becomes a recognized movement.

A type of warrior sword, their tongue is their sword taken from a biblical reference: "Out of the mouth of the son of man, comes a two-edged sword."

Their journey did not miss the hard-knocks, missteps and tragedies that accompany fame but the more critical aspects of their journey deals with business decisions that often put a strain on their relationships they call the brotherhood. Their connections go way back, "Our mother's know each other," All smiling, "...but, we don't know if our father's know each other." They played together as kids similar to the persona of the 1950s black'n white tv show The Little Rascals. The brotherhood had dreams to get away from their unruly surroundings and with pride they can attest they did accomplish.