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New Frontier- Gloomy Eyes
by Karen Pecota

Lead artists and co-directors Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado create an endearing story in exceptional 3D-animation of an adorable zombie name Gloomy in Gloomy Eyes. The unique aspect of Gloomy is his big, beautiful and bright eyes that illuminate so much light that one can hardly see his body.

The 8-minute-long Virtual Reality tale takes place on a cold night in Woodland City. Gloomy is a zombie. Zombies are not allowed in the community and bounty hunters do their due diligence to find these creatures that are different and get rid of them. Gloomy is quietly hiding in the forest this particular night trying to be quiet but his beautiful, big and bright eyes don't make it easy for him to be concealed. Gloomy longs to live in Woodland City with those different than him because he doesn't feel comfortable around the other zombies. Through trial and error, Gloomy finds a safe place to reside where being a zombie is not an issue but the matter of the heart is his solution.