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Short Film - Girls Weekend
by Karen Pecota

Director: Kyra Sedgwick

Creator: Ali Liebegott

Cast: Ali Liebegott, Linda Lavin, Amy Landecker, Ken Jenkins

Many families often take the opportunity to have special times that incorporate times of relationship building in a smaller unit setting that would encompass girls only, boys only, cousins only, aunts & uncles only, etc. Kyra Sedgwick's short-film Girls Weekend accomplishes just that idea of the ladies in this one family to come together for a weekend. This is the parents’ idea to bring their daughters home to reveal a family secret they need to be privy of.

Not to the parents liking, the sisters have an estranged relationship and could not be more opposite in personality, life-style, likes and dislikes. Choosing to rarely be in the same room at the same time is courageous. Knowing that the weekend will be strained just because of the family disunity, the girls try to make light of their hours together which proves to be the buffer needed in order for each family member to receive the secret with maturity. Or, not!