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The Witch Hunters
by Karen Pecota

Serbian Filmmaker Rasko Milijkovic introduces a delightful tale of two unlikely grade-school classmates who embark on a journey of heroism in The Witch Hunters. Milijkovic's award winning directorial debut comes at the hand of screenwriters, Marko Manojlavic and Milos Kreckovic; a stellar crew and cast, featuring the award winning thespian duo, Mihavjlo Milavic (Jovan) and Silma Mahmuti (Milica).

The original language is Serbian with English subtitles that had no barring on this delightful family adventure. The director of photography, Miksa Andjelic, with Aleksander Protic, and Dane Vlaisavljevic who projected the perfect sound design, takes the film's narrative to a new level. They incorporate Nevana Glusica's music expertise, and allow Djordje Markovic to do his magic in editing, to give the platform for The Witch Hunters to be one of the coolest award-winning feature films made for children world-wide.


Ten-year old Jovan dreams of being a super hero, who, if deemed such an honor, he would fight-off the evils of this world and be a comforting friend to those in need. He roams around with his hero cape and mask hoping one day his body will be whole so he can persue his dream. But the daily drudge of being a child suffering with cerebral palsy as long as he can remember puts his dreams into perspective.

Milica, is Jovan's new classmate. The two are assigned to share the same work table. Yuck! Not the ideal situation for by either one of them. Jovan is so upset he has to share his table with a girl but is polite. He is also apprehensive to go that extra mile of friendliness for fear of rejection due to his condition so he settles for an observance relationship. Milica is relieved she has a table partner. She is outgoing, obnoxious, bold and will not let anyone get the best of her. The two could not be more suited for each other. Soon to be discovered, each suffer from loneliness, they have no friends but both have big imaginations for grand adventures.

Milica's dream is that her divorced parents will reunite to be one small happy family again. In order for that to happen, the new wife has to be removed. Milica believes that she is the wrong woman for her father because of all the herbal potions she conjures up for people to take for ailments. Milica believes only a witch would do such a thing plus ruin the marriage between her father and mother to break up the family. Milica is determined to fix her family ruin but needs help.

Milica and Jovan develop a unique bond and the two begin to help each other deal with their personal fears and insecurities. This development lends to the opportunity for Jovan to be ready for his super hero dream and join Milica on a real life adventure--to free her dad from the clutches of his new wife, whom she believes to be a modern-day witch in The Witch Hunters.