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Ask Dr. Ruth
by Karen Pecota

Award-winning filmmaker Ryan White collaborates with the world renowned Neko Productions animation team and award-winning composer Blake Neely to bring to the silver screen a delightful bio-doc about America's most famous sex therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer in Ask Dr. Ruth.

Time is running out to capture the incredible stories of the Holocaust survivors who are still living, and Dr. Ruth is one of them. Now in her nineties, she has much to share that has nothing to do with sex therapy, though many were helped by her professional career. Dr. Ruth's remarkable story of survival is what White captures, featuring her humor and vigor for the one and only life she has on this earth. Dr. Ruth gives more than advice these days as one discovers in White's portrayal of her amazing journey.

To understand why Dr. Ruth, now in her nineties, isn't ready to slow-down, we must first understand where she came from and how she survived horrific world events at a very young age. No doubt about it, Dr. Ruth's past is a painful one but it's through unique circumstances that her life was spared, and she began an unlikely career path as a sex therapist. The small-framed, German lady with a heavy accent and comedic personality draws one into her sphere because she cares. Dr. Ruth really cares for humanity. Everyone who has experienced Dr. Ruth on the radio, television, lectures, or personal therapy sessions will forever remember her bubbly enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. Dr. Ruth's own experiences with love, sex and loss are revealed in White's celebration of her life. She herself will share how these components shaped her unique character. The one we all know and love.