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Selective Journalism
by Karen Pecota

There are a few thrilling events that take place during the festival: the opening and closing ceremonies and the Douglas Sirk Award evening. Hey, but do you think all accredited journalists are invited to these events? No way! Only one of our team of reporters received a verbal invitation for two events, and that was only AFTER badgering the festival office more times than we would like to admit. How embarrassing! Is this proper treatment for accredited professionals? Thankfully journalists are known for their persistence to get a story, therefore badgering comes with the territory. But, if the reporters aren’t invited to the main events, how do the publications get the news out to the world? The accredited journalists sit through films for long hours during the whole festival, hoping to view one worth a positive critique. Where is the gratitude for being an active participant and supporting this annual event? The journalists pay their dues, believe me! To the festival coordinators, I say, “Come on guys, have a heart and open the doors to the fun stuff; we are well worth your investment!”