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The Hot Zone - Episodic Category
by Karen Pecota

In the Episodic category, the pilot for a six-part limited series, THE HOT ZONE,  debuted to a TriBeCa Film Festival audience with great anticipation. The limited series is produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and will air over three nights premiering Monday May 27, 2019.

The mini-series is based on The Hot Zone, the international best-seller by Richard Preston, which is inspired by true events about the origin and known devastation of Ebola, a highly infectious and deadly virus from the Central African rainforest and its arrival on US soil in 1989.

It stars Golden Globe and Emmy award-winner Julianna Margulies as Dr. Nancy Jaxx, a U.S. Army scientist who puts her life on the line, working hard and fast along with her specialized secret military team to combat the deadly Ebola virus once it appears in the United States. The virus was discovered in monkeys transported from Africa to a scientific research lab in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. At the time of the outbreak, there was no known cure, much less little known of the deadly virus. Jaxx and her team go under the radar to fight against the spread of this highly contagious virus before it reaches the U.S. population. Definitely read the book and watch the series or vice-versa. It's intense!