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Shoot to Marry
by Karen Pecota

Documentary filmmaker and actor Steve Markle (Camp Hollywood) picks up his camera to begin a year-long journey to find true love in Shoot to Marry.

Steve's journey begins when he proposes to his long-time girlfriend, Amy. She says yes and then experiences a meltdown and reneges on her yes and turns it into a no. Crushed and heartbroken still after six months Steve decides to deal with his pain by making a documentary about relationships, love, and heartbreak.

The people closest to him at this time are his parents and a therapist. He turns his unresolved questions of why Amy could not truthfully say yes to his marriage proposal and asks the experts in his life about relationships. He finally comes to the conclusion that he needs to ask women to help him find his answers.

Steve is serious and spends a year working on his documentary involving as many women as he could find that would agree to be in his documentary. As one can well imagine, when he contacted these women over the Internet most said, "No, Thank you" rather quickly. However, there were some really fascinating women who actually believed in his project and gave him a resounding, "Yes, I'll be in your documentary!"

Steve interviews a number of very unique women and queries them on relationships. Secretly hoping that along his journey he might find love again--one that will last a lifetime.

Steve's documentary of his real-life romantic comedy is personal, quirky and will definitely make you smile. He says, "Maybe my journey will speak to someone with a broken heart and still hopeful to find love. Or, maybe it is for someone like me: A hopeless romantic with a camera."