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Egg (USA)
by Kathryn Loggins

Directed by Michael Goldberg

This silly little narrative satire has everything you’d want from a great adventure story. There’s romance, intrigue, action and laughs and it all centers around – yes, you guessed it – an Egg. The trailer for the film (which is kind of a masterpiece in itself) bills it as “The Second Three-Letter Film by Michael J. Goldberg.” No wonder it played in the ‘LOL’ section of the Festival. Michael Goldberg started his career as a staff writer on Sesame Street, so it’s clear he knows how to blend humor and heart. This short succeeds in that realm and ultimately is there to just be enjoyed and not take itself too seriously. The production value is remarkably high, especially when you’re just playing for laughs, but that makes this film all the more endearing and accessible. In these times wouldn’t we all want to just sit back, relax and be entertained by a stylized and heartwarming story about an egg for eleven minutes? The answer is yes.