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The Light Side (USA)
by Kathryn Loggins

Directed by Ryan Ebner

Yes, the movie market seems oversaturated with known IP these days, but who doesn’t love a good Star Wars story? Director Ryan Ebner obviously is influenced by the franchise or he would not have created a narrative short film as an ode to that world’s most evil characters: The Sith. Now, if you’re not familiar with Star Wars lore, this film might not land as well with you, but the general message of a person feeling lost and without a purpose is still relatable to anyone. In this film an aging Sith Lord is struggling to find a new goal in life after (spoiler alert!) his side lost. It’s very well shot and the use of special effects, particularly the lightsaber, is impressive. But more importantly, Ebner succeeds in blending the fantastical world of Star Wars with the world we live in today. He makes it hilariously believable that a character from a galaxy far, far away could actually live among us, seeking out his new destiny while coming to terms with his past struggles.