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by Karen Pecota

Filmmaker Maria Wilhelm is the Executive Director of the Avatar Alliance Foundation. She brings to the silver screen a remarkable documentary that features an all-female conservation army against elephant poachers in AKASHINGA. They are known as Rangers. Many among the one hundred female conservationist group have been abused themselves from their own husbands and whole-heartedly take on the task of a hope to survive with their endeared elephant population. If these Rangers did not take up the task to fight against the poachers, the elephants who roam freely in their country would soon be extinct.

The conservation group began with sixteen women who were tired of succumbing to the onslaughts of physical abuse to mankind and the animal kingdom. Their bravery, strength, and a desire to survive helped to create a bond to be there for each other. In addition, together they fight to preserve their natural habitat given to them.

For more information, National Geographic invites you to learn more about the International Anti-Poaching Foundation: