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Film Review: David
by Karen Pecota

Filmmaker Zach Wood and co-writer Brandon Gardner present a fabulous narrative in their 11-minute short film David. The two catch their audience off guard as one tries to figure out if their narrative is serious or funny for the duration of the film. The superbly executed script has just the right amount of twists and turns to keep one guessing the plot and if there really is a famous actor playing the lead role. A cleaver move from Wood, Gardner and their cinematographer.


A therapist (Will Farrell) is working with a client named David (William Jackson Harper), who is contemplating suicide. The intensity of the moment is interrupted when one sees out the window of the therapists' office, a male in a red wrestling suit running toward the building waving his arms like a crazy person. All of a sudden, this guy slams himself into the window of the therapist's office yelling and screaming in an uncontrollable state. David is in shock and the therapist is ignoring the crazy male because it is his son, David (Fred Hechinger).

In a moment, the male barges into the therapist's office to confront him relentlessly with his immediate problem. The therapist is now confronted with taking action. He is forced to put into prospective, the momentary collision facing his professional and personal life.

Only Will Farrell could handle a memorable outcome. LOL!