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by Kathryn Loggins

Eirik Tveiten, Norway 2020

Winner of Best Narrative Short at the Tribeca Festival, NIGHT RIDE is a quirky story about a woman who accidentally hijacks a tram one night to escape the bitter cold. This humorous, yet heartwarming short film starts with Ebba, who is waiting for her tram home. It finally arrives, but the conductor decides to take a break and neglect her, so Ebba takes matters into her own hands and starts driving the tram herself. How hard could it be? As the ride continues there are other passengers along the route, which she didn't anticipate when she was hatching her little plan. After some hesitation, she retrieves the other passengers, but when they start causing trouble, she’s forced to decide whether or not she will intervene or mind her own business. Morally she knows what is happening is wrong, but her physical stature puts her at a disadvantage and is potentially a danger to her safety. The film expresses how marginalized characters are all too often the source of bullying and stereotypes in society. Still, it also shows how empathy and compassion can break through those barriers and bring about the beauty of the human spirit. (KL)