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by Karen Pecota

Nash Edgerton, Australia, 2021

Jack (Nash Edgeton) is a prankster playing jokes on everyone he knows. Not surprisingly he has a difficult time with intimate relationships. Longing to find his soulmate he finally meets his match. Their wedding day is a joyous occasion and his wife, Sofie (Rose Byrne) takes advantage of the seriousness of the situation to play a prank on Jack and it works beautifully.

Jack and Rose have a romantic honeymoon that includes a snorkeling tour out in the open water. Jack finds a fake shark fin on the boat that one can wear but Rose puts a stop to him using it. Rose jumps in with the rest of the tour guests, but Jack forgot something so heads back on board. He sees the fin, grabs it and jumps in the water.

While he is busy planning his prank on Rose, something more dramatic occurs with Rose and the others, causing the tour boat to head back to shore in an emergency. What remains might be the last prank Jack ever dreams up. (KP)

Director Nash Edgerton co-wrote the screenplay with David Michod.