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Film Review: The Woman in the White Car
by Christine Riney

Christine Ko, South Korea 2022

A distraught woman in a white car pulls into the emergency room entrance of a small-town hospital. After dragging the bleeding body of a woman from the passenger seat and yelling for help for her sister, the mystery begins to unfold in this crime thriller. Do-kyung (Ryeowon Jung) exhibits all the signs of shock and the local cop Hyun-ju (Jung-eun) is sent to investigate the events that led to these two women arriving at the hospital. The initial version of events is that Do-kyung’s sister’s violent fiancé attacked her with a knife. However, this version of the story slowly unravels as we learn that the injured woman is not Do-kyung’s sister, the fiancé is nowhere to be found and her real sister is missing. As Hyu-ju’s suspicions are heightened we are led deeper into deciphering what is fact and what is fiction.

The journey this film takes us on is full of twists and turns. With much fascination, we ask; Who is the mystery woman in the hospital bed? Where is Do-kyung’s real sister? Is Do-kyung really insane? Where is the mysterious violent attacker?

This terrific debut from South Korean Director, Christine Ko takes us on an engaging ‘who done it’. The talented leading ladies share accolades for this film, which keeps the audience guessing until the end. If you watched PARASITE, 4-time Oscar winner from 2021, you would recognize Jung-eun who played the housekeeper in that captivating Korean film.