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What Movies Mean to Me or Musings of a Movie Nut
by Christa Greiff

Watching a good movie is like walking into another person’s dream.
As the lights go out, I sink deeper into my plush movie theater chair.
I cross the invisible bridge created by the sound of music and the pictures on the screen
To an imaginary world which unfolds for me to explore.

Where have I landed this time?
What’s going on in this place?
Who are the characters I’m going to meet?

I’ve learned from experience to enter the movie world well prepared,
Bringing with me tissues, a flashlight for dark places, and a can of You-Are-Not-Real® spray.
In some movies I’ll mingle with the heroines and villains
Cheering them on or giving good advice “No, no! Don't do that!”.
At other times, I’m content to watch from the sidelines, munching on my nachos.
Whenever possible, I fill my pockets and my purse with treasures to take home:
Ideas, insights, and good experiences.
If the occasional nightmare stalks me, I give it a whiff of my spray.

On occasion I find myself in a world I don’t want to be in;
Then I use the emergency exit (every movie has one),
And tiptoe out so as not to disturb the others still sharing the dream.
Well, in theory. I’ve also been known to storm out and shut the door with a bang –
Some movies are just too silly, right?

I could probably talk about this until your ears fall off, but the commercials are over.
It’s time to go – you know where. Want to come along?