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The Film Not Seen
by Becky Tan

In spite of having attended 30 films, press conferences, and panel discussions, I am still mourning the film not seen: All Restrictions End – The Politics of Clothes by Iranian director Reza Haeri. In conjunction with the film, Nanna Heidenriech moderated a discussion called “The Emperor’s New Clothes: art, image and ‘the material’ of appearance.” This was to be about dress codes over the last hundred years. I arrived five minutes too late; the cinema was full and the doors were closed. I had just read Reading Lolita in Tehran; I knew I had to see the film. No luck. I can only imagine how interesting it would have been to learn about the return of the veil in Iran after the rise of Khomeini or the suits of Iranian politicians. Many other countries could also probably plot changes in government according to the fashions. Just think about the return of the simple suit with the high collar in Mao’s China. Perhaps this film will come up on television, e.g., on arte, and I will be ready for it.