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Tasmania's Blundstone
by Karen Pecota

Australia's Tasmanian goods took center stage at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival as one of the official festival sponsors. The Blundstone Boot Company's tagline--There is no place on  Earth like Tasmania and no boots on Earth like the ones that were born there in 1870. Hobart, Tasmania Australia's island state, is famous for making the Blundstone boots. The unique footwear was deemed the official boot of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Over 10,000 festival attendees were able to interact with the U.S. Blundstone marketing team while showcasing their boot brand for the duration of the 10-day festival.

Film industry colleagues are already familiar with the Blundstone brand of boot. Mostly known around the world for it's durability and unique style, it's the best boot one could wear to protect the feet while carting heavy film set equipment. The Tasmania Blundstone Company puts value in producing materials for safety and comfort especially for the feet. Accidents happen, thus the need for the ideal protective footwear.

The Sundance Co-Op House accommodated streams of festival goers as they passed through to the festival sponsors exhibit building. It was here many learned about the legendary boot company, tested the boots for size and comfort, daily tried to win a free pair of boots and were able to purchase the footwear with the company's generous 20% coupon discount. My favorite: Series Super 550 #1431 Red Rub is fun and beautiful!  Check out the rest of the Blundstone products when you google blundstone on the internet to find their website.

You might not be in the market for a Tasmanian Devil but most definitely you could use a pair of Australia's Tasmanian Blundstone boots. Enjoy!