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Concrete Love: The Boehm Family
by Karen Pecota

German filmmaker Maurizius Staerkle-Drux creates a German love story in the world of  architectural design with his latest documentary Concrete Love: The Boehm Family. Staerkle-Drux documents the daily routine of 93-year old German architect Gottfried Boehm and the inspiration of his work. He weaves several stories together from accounts given from family members and colleagues explaining Gottfried's passion for design, family and life.

Clearly the most inspiring was the relationship between Gottfried and his wife, Elisabeth, also an architect. She was the whole family's main inspiration. The couple's best product development was the making of three sons: Stephen, Peter and Paul. All three went into the family business as architects but each have their own specialty, giving the family legacy expertise in many facets. Though each of the male Boehm artists find joy in their joint expertise, the absence of Elisabeth seems to put the clan a bit off kilter. Staerkle-Drux explains, "Her (Elisabeth) importance to the family structure and design was the foundation her men stood on. Without Elisabeth, the wonderful Boehm family structure lost its emotional centre for a time, as if the light was suddenly removed from their creations."

Elisabeth's influence will never be forgotten but slowly her men get back to business doing what they do best--creating architectural structures. From the foundation of structures to their personal details of interior design. Their love for family, their obsession to create and their power struggles to hold onto their dreams are what has given life to some of the most important architecture of the 20th century documented in Concrete Love: The Boehm Family.

The 2015 Goethe Documentary Film Prize was given to Concrete Love: The Boehm Family. The award is a monetary one of EUR 2,000. It was awarded by the Goethe-Institute at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. The jury awarded the film because, "the film tells a multi-layer tale of love, the passion for architecture and four generations of German history." And adds, "With sensitive observations, intimate interviews and stirring filmic explorations of an extraordinary architectural legacy, the film creates a lasting impression of the buildings of the people."

The Slamdance Film Festival 2015 was the first opportunity the film had for a debut onto the American silver screens. A privilege. And, the exciting beginning of the films international festival tour.