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The Resurrection of Jake the Snake
by Karen Pecota

The fictional world of Professional Wrestling has destroyed many a good man. Jake "The Snake" Roberts fell into the trappings of the wealth and fame received in his entertainment career as a professional wrestler. Roberts tells his incredible journey of transformation to filmmaker Steve Yu and Chris Bell in The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.

Roberts was among the most famous professional wrestlers in the world. He was an intense performer that had fans in awe of how he used large snakes to defeat his opponents in the wrestling ring. No denying that the gimmicks Roberts used to attract an audience showed off his talent, skill and wit as an entertainer. More so, he was a major player in building the professionalism in the wrestling industry.

Roberts' dedication to the sport came with a price. Thirty years later Roberts had nothing to show for his efforts. His millions earned vanished. His highly publicized struggle with drugs and alcohol added to his demise. Two failed marriages and children he hardly knew deepened the emotional pain of his irresponsibility. Consumed by guilt, Jake was truly in the depths of despair. No one cared. Neither did Jake.

Roberts known to mentor those aspiring to become a professional in the industry receives a visit from one of his prodigies, Dallas "Diamond" Page. Page heard that Roberts was severely down on his luck. Saddened that his old friend was struggling. Page makes contact with Roberts and realizes Roberts needs him. Page was intent on repaying Roberts back for the investment he made on Page's career when everyone told him he was too old to enter the sport. Roberts believed in Page and helped him become one of the best wrestlers in the industry.

Filmmakers Yu and Bell shadow the two wrestling icons to document the process of what would be a difficult journey of redemption, restoration and resurrection of Jake "the snake" Roberts. A necessary path to shun horrific inner demons and the decision to choose life instead of death.