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The 18th Mo & Friese KinderKurzFestival
by Shelly Schoeneshoefer

Here is to another  successful year at children’s short film festival were 52 short films in total.  There were three prizes given out. One is the Friese-Preis  which was given to a film from the programs  for children ab 4 and ab 6 years old and the Mo-Pries for a film from the ab  9  and ab 12 years old programs.  These two prize winners received 1250 euros  and third prize was the Freischwimmer prize which is for 1000 Euros and went to  a film from the ab 14 years old program.

The Friese-Preis went  to a German film called “Ein Märchen von einer unmoglichen Stelle im Universum”  from the director Markus Wulf.   This  film is not only humorous but was extremely creative in the costumes as well as  in the animation.  It is a film that sets  itself apart from the other film due to the extra effort which was used as well  as the director’s vision in telling this story.

The Mo-Pries went to a  film from the Netherlands called “Ninnoc” from Niki Padidar.  This is a documentary film which dives into  the life of a twelve year old that is described from other people around  her.  It is a very fresh point of view  giving us a new perspective into the world of Ninnoc.

Two films  “Barriere”(Muuri) from the Finnish film makers Jussi Rastas and Jenni Kivistö  and the film “Egal wer” (Aqui la Faute) from Anne-Claire Jaulin from  France  received special recognition  for their achievements.

The Freischwimmer  prize went to the Swedish film Zehmeterturm from Maimilian van Aertryck and  Axel DanielsonThe film had a simple idea yet due to its editing which would  reveal new ideas  made this film  completely entertaining.

The film “Eine Nacht  in Tokoriki” (O naopte in Tokoriki) from the Romanian director received special  recognition.

The  last awards to be given were the Gib Mir FÜnf awards which is divided into  three winners.  These awards are for  films that children direct and film themselves.   It is the 12th year that this has  been given out.

First place went to  “Der entscheidende Moment” from Niko Albers

Second place went to  “5 for Life” from the SFO-Förde-Schule-Gravestein which is a school in Denmark.

Third place went to  “Giganten der Tiefe” from the Medienwerkstatt AG which is an elementary school  in Tennenbonn Germany.

If you  ever want to see a wide range of fun film with an audience who are enjoying  every moment, then I would encourage you to go to either this short film  festival or the Michel Festival.  Both  festivals are a lot of fun and the quality of the films are surprisingly  wonderful.