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Kindsköpfe (Grown Ups)
U.S.A. 2010

Opening 5 Aug 2010

Directed by: Dennis Dugan
Writing credits: Adam Sandler, Fred Wolf
Principal actors: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider

Grown Ups is an American comedy starring Adam Sandler (Lenny Feder), Kevin James (Eric Lamonsoff), Chris Rock (Kurt McKenzie), David Spade (Marcus Higgins) and Rob Schneider (Rob Hilliard). This group of friends is bound together when they played basketball in junior high and won the 1978 CYO championship game. After growing up, you can really see each of the five boys’ personality personified in how they dress, act and who they marry/date. They reunite thirty years later at their coach’s funeral along with their wives, Salma Hayek (Roxanne Chase-Feder), Maria Bello (Sally Lamonsoff), and Maya Rudolph (Deanne McKenize) and kids. For many it is the first time they have seen each other in many years, and now they are older, some even heavier, and they have tackled many of life’s milestones (relationships, marriages, kids, career, parental issues, etc.). This group of old friends decides to spend the weekend following the funeral services at a lake house to commemorate their late coach and to get to know each other as adults. The weekend allows them to honor the coach’s memory, bond together and reconnect with their families in a world where work and/or electronic gadgets often get in the way. When these team mates get back together, they are the same little boys of yesteryear, only a little bit older.

The comedic and humorous situations are easily relatable and follow the typical Sandler and James humor but just a bit more mainstream and maybe even more grown up. The wives get a kick out of seeing their men reconnecting with their kids and friends as well with them. What it all comes down to is that the entire cast leaves the weekend with the same realization that family and friendship transcend the years and are more important than anything – more than fame, success, careers, money, etc. (Brenda Anderson-Rivera)

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