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Good Food, Bad Food - Anleitung für eine bessere Landwirtschaft (Solutions locales pour un désordre global)
France 2010

Opening 20 Jan 2011

Directed by: Coline Serreau
Writing credits: Coline Serreau

Called Good Food, Bad Food by the Filmfest Hamburg, director Coline Serreau said that this is an inappropriate title. In her film she addresses local solutions for the global challenge of feeding the world. She wants to show that literally returning to our roots – letting the women control farming as was their traditional role and using organic methods – can address many environmental issues we face today. Serreau highlights the importance of seeds and the near monopoly held on seed production and distribution by companies like Monsanto along with the influence of the United States after World War II on fertilizers and pesticides. She interviews Claude Bourguignon, the co-founder of Laboratory of Soil Microbiological Analyses in France, and Vandana Shiva, who operates an experimental organic farm in India. Solutions already exist and Serreau wants to get the word out: “It is time to hear what farmers, philosophers and economists have to say. While explaining why our social model has gotten bogged down in the ecological, financial, and political crises that we all know about, these people invent and try out alternatives.” (Mary Nyiri)

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