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Das Lied in Mir (The Day I Was Not Born)
Germany/Argentina 2010

Opening 10 Feb 2011

Directed by: Florian Micoud Cossen
Writing credits: Florian Micoud Cossen, Elena von Saucken
Principal actors: Jessica Schwarz, Michael Gwisdek, Rafael Ferro, Beatriz Spelzini

In this psychological drama, swimmer Maria Falkenmeyer (Jessica Schwarz) is on a stopover in Buenos Aires on the way to a swim meet in Chile. In the airport lounge a young South American mother sings a lullaby to her fretful baby. Maria is totally confused. She recognizes the song and knows the words although she never learned Spanish. Her emotions run wild, and she misses her flight.

When she phones her father Anton (Michael Gwisdek) in Germany to tell him what has happened, he immediately flies to Buenos Aires to meet her. He is forced into admitting that she was actually adopted and that she lived her first three years in that city before her real parents disappeared as victims of the dictatorship. She is so dismayed that she was never told the truth of her origins that the story from then on focuses on the father/daughter conflict.

When she locates her parents' family, from whom Anton and his diseased wife had hidden the fact that they were taking her away, a young policeman Alejandro helps her through the process of visiting them and learning about her past. Aside from Alejandro's not wanting to reveal his occupation to the family, not much else is mentioned in the film about the dictatorship, the disappearance of over 30,000 people and the aftermath.

Anton returns to Germany but Maria stays on in Argentina, and we are left to wonder how she will deal with her loss of ident (Thelma Freedman)

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