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Germany 2010

Opening 22 Sep 2011

Directed by: Damir Lukacevic
Writing credits: Damir Lukacevic, Gabi Blauert, Elia Barceló
Principal actors: B.J. Britt, Regine Nehy, Ingrid Andree, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Mehmet Kurtulus

Director Damir Lukacevic, with B.J. Britt, Regine Nehy, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Ingrid Andree, Jeanette Hain, Mehmet Kurtulus, and Ulrich Voss.

This German film is about rich people. Hermann is struggling to consider life without his wife Anna. They are presented with the option of continuing their lives by transferring their neural connections into other healthy persons, e.g., Apolain and Sarah. Apolain and Sarah, from Africa, want to sell their bodies for different reasons: Apolain fled from violence and wants to get his family out of there. Sarah wants to rescue her family from extreme poverty. After Anna suffers a heart attack, Hermann manages to talk her into transferring herself via cerebral connections. With the transference Herman and Anna will take control of the bodies of Apolain and Sarah for 20 hours a day. Apolain and Sarah only will have four hours a day to be themselves. Hermann is very pleased with the transference, although Anna is a bit suspicious, however life is great for them now. At night the African couple regains consciousness and as time passes, ultimately they fall in love. Herman and Sarah are satisfied with the deal, but not Apolain, who will find a way to escape eventually. As Sarah becomes pregnant, both women are delighted but both men are against it. The two women communicate in order to convince the men to continue the pregnancy. They fantasize about the baby, but then Sarah realizes that she will have only a small role in the child’s life. Ironically the sacrifice Sarah and Apolain made earns only 1% of the money for their families.

This film deals with extremely difficult themes that are taboo even in our day, e.g., racism, slavery, and putting our loved ones above oneself. What is moral and what is not? To let yourself and family die or to escape or sell your body? To die or to buy somebody else’s body? To let other people suffer instead of oneself, or to try to escape and have a life?

I do not foresee anyone wanting to throw the first stone. The cast was very good and the film was well paced, very interesting and recommended for the lovers of the science fiction and drama genres. (Amanda Watts)

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