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Prinzessin Lillifee und das kleine Einhorn
Germany/France 2011

Opening 1 Sep 2011

Directed by: Ansgar Niebuhr
Writing credits: Mark Slater, Gabriele Walther, Rachel Murrell

The lives of Lillifee and her friends are nice and calm in Rosarium. However, Lillifee is having a recurring dream about a unicorn in distress. Suddenly, one morning a baby unicorn named Lucy stands at the end of her bed. Everybody is happy in Rosarium to care for the little unicorn, except for Pupsi, Lilli´s pet pig; it is sick with jealousy. Even with all this happiness about the baby unicorn, Lucy really belongs with her parents, and so Lillifee is determined to reunite them. Lillifee, together with her friends Pupsi the pig and Iwan the hedgehog, as well as little Lucy, start a trip to Bluetopia to try to find out what is going on with Lucy´s parents.

Did the writers realise the fundamental lesson to be learned here, namely: you must wish for the right thing? In order to save Bluetopia from a twisted Tiran, Lillifee must wish to return it to normal, and she is the only one capable of doing it correctly. It is a great film full of fantasy and beautiful graphics, worthwhile to watch on a big screen, the age recommendation would be from 3-10 years, but whole families will have a good time. (Amanda Watts)

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