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Hai-Alarm am Müggelsee
Germany 2013

Opening 14 Mar 2013

Directed by: Leander Haußmann
Writing credits: Leander Haußmann, Sven Regener
Principal actors: Henry Hübchen, Michael Gwisdek, Uwe Dag Berlin, Anna-Maria Hirsch, Tom Schilling

Up to now Snake Müller (Uwe Dag Berlin) has been a shark hunter in Hawaii – even though his name suggests something entirely different. Unlike – lets say: Crocodile Dundee (in a 1986 film directed by Peter Faiman), Snake Müller actually has a ’bitten off limb’ to show for the dangers of his job. Nevertheless he had no luck trying to renew his expired (if fake) ’green card’; therefore he decides to putt-putt all the way home on his houseboat. ’Home’ is Berlin – Friedrichshagen on Lake Müggelsee, where supposedly “the sun always shines and sharks never go” … and where everyone’s name is ’Müller’. When he finally drops anchor in Friedrichshagen, he is eager to surf paddle. But townspeople and tourists alike are redirected to alternative activities like a petting zoo, games and free beer. An alarming find had been made in the lake and this is part of a secret “Plan A”– the so-called “positive approach” to keep everybody out of the water until it has been determined, whether a ’Shark-Alarm’ might be in order. The Mayor (Henry Hübchen), the town council and town cop (Detlev Buck) are trying to decide how to best deal with this situation. Friedrichshagen’s very own marketing strategist (Anna-Maria Hirsch) had presented plan “A”, “B” and “C”. Naturally “Plan B” is no plan and “Plan C” (Shark-Alarm) would mean bad press – but hey! There could be an upside to that too!

Leander Haußmann and Sven Regener co-wrote and directed this comedy with amazing attention to detail, truly hilarious scenes and deadpan humor. They are aiming at ’small town politics’, ’political correctness’, ’experts’, ’marketing’, ’man- and womanhood’, the former GDR…– in short: at ’life’ in particular and in general; the film industry isn’t spared either (watch the credits at the end!). The team has a seemingly endless supply of ideas and included their own songs and animation. (Carola A)

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