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Der kleine Eisbär 2 - Die geheimnisvolle Insel (The Little Polar Bear 2)
Germany 2005

Opening 29 Sep 2005

Directed by: Piet De Rycker
Writing credits: Piet De Rycker, Rolf Giesen, Bert Schrickel, Thomas Wittenburg
Principal actors: Maximilian Artajo, Céline Vogt, Leander Wolf, Anke Engelke, Dirk Bach

You cannot go wrong with any of the Little Polar Bear movies, books or T.V. shows. He is adorable, always means well and has funny friends. Mostly harmless (why DO films always have to have the anxious part? Think Bambi or The Lion King or any popular film in past 50 years) and teaching kids a good lesson, this is a film for little ones as well as the whole family. The film is adapted from the books by Dutchman Hans De Beer, who has won various awards for his books which have been translated into 27 languages. Two experienced directors in animation bring the book to life on the screen, Thilo Graf Rothkirch and Piet De Rycker. I asked my three-and-a-half-year old twins what they thought about it:

Journalist Mama: How would you rate this film: bad, good or very good?
Timmy: Very good!
Toby: Very, very good!
Journalist Mama: Very, very good was not an option.
Toby: I know, but I really liked it.
J.M.: OK, what did you like about it?
Toby: I liked the “Robby”; he was friends with Lars (the little Polar Bear).
Timmy: I liked the penguin the best; he danced and he was funny.
J.M.: Did you not like any parts?
Timmy: Yes, when Lars went away on the train to a far away island. It made me scared.
Toby: Yes, I only got one bag of popcorn.
J.M.: Timmy and Toby, do you have any recommendations for audiences?
Timmy: Yes, go see it, it is good and funny.
Toby: You need to see it. And get a bigger bag of popcorn.
J.M.: Thank you gentle-boys for your time. (Vicki Filer Mensing)

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