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Die Schönen Tage (Bright Days Ahead, Les Beaux Jours)
France 2013

Opening 19 Sep 2013

Directed by: Marion Vernoux
Writing credits: Fanny Chesnel, Marion Vernoux, Marc Syrigas
Principal actors: Fanny Ardant, Laurent Lafitte, Patrick Chesnais, Jean-François Stévenin, Fanny Cottençon

60-year old Caroline (Fanny Ardant) has been given a trial membership to an upscale and hip senior citizen club. With this gift her daughters are trying to help the recently retired dentist to find direction and a way out of boredom. Rather unconvinced and listless she attends a few classes (pottery, theater) until she meets 39-year old Julien (Laurent Lafitte), the computer course teacher and “Club-Casanova”. Behind the back of her perfectly loveable husband Pierre (Patrick Chesnais) and without regrets, Caroline starts an affair with Julien.

Thankfully there is no preoccupation with the “older woman / younger man-theme”; the affair appears natural, unapologetic and fleeting in a very French (film)-sense. Die Schönen Tage is a showcase for the beautiful, radiant and elegant Fanny Ardant, who is support by a very watchable cast. But that’s basically ’it’; once all this ’wears off’, there isn’t enough of a story or thought that stays with me. (Carola A)

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