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Love & Engineering
Germany/Finland/Bulgaria 2014

Opening 5 Jun 2014

Directed by: Tonislav Hristov
Writing credits: Kaarle Aho, Tonislav Hristov
Principal actors: Atanas Boev, Todor Vlaev, Markus Virtanen, Andon Nikolov, Tuomas Nieminen

Todor, Tuomas, Markus and Andon are computer-engineers in their early thirties; all have been single for years and unfortunately have no clue how to change that. ‘Computers’ is all they know. Therefore when Atanas, a computer technician through and through, claims to have developed a logical system to ‘hack’ a woman, telling them there is a way to approach ‘attracting women’ like a computer problem, they agree to be his guinea pigs. They hope to find a girlfriend; Atanas wants to fine-tune his method. He created it for himself and, in spite of his stuttering, was able to interest several women in him. One of them became his wife. Success seemed guaranteed.

Tonislav Hristov (director) followed the men for the two years they were taking part in Atanas’ training: technical training with diagrams and pep talks; guided practice sometimes aided by female volunteers; and a experimental, scientific part supported by reputable scientists of various disciplines. This project seems outlandish enough and the guy’s comments are often so hilariously – if involuntarily – funny that one could easily miss that this is actually a documentary. It certainly could be a blue print for a feature film. (Carola A)

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