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Was heisst hier Ende?
Germany 2015

Opening 18 Jun 2015

Directed by: Dominik Graf
Writing credits:

With this essay film Dominik Graf (director/script) created a very personal homage to his friend, renowned film critic Michael Althen (1962 – 2011). Althen – who wrote his first film review at age nineteen and went on to work for leading German newspapers for the next thirty years – not only had a great passion for and knowledge of film, he also and most importantly had an absolutely delightful way of writing about it. While ‘film’ appears to have been his first love, he no less eloquently wrote about fine art and other subjects as well.

The film is an innovative montage (by Thomas Streck) incorporating photos and film clips, interviews with Althen and – thankfully long and well-narrated – excerpts from his writings. It incorporates talks with his colleagues, film professionals, friends and family. The ‘full screen’ is mostly reserved for Althen – and, in any event, he is always ’in the picture’, always present, never overshadowed by any other participants in this film. Well done! (Carola A)

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