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U.S.A. 2005

Opening 16 Mar 2006

Directed by: Duncan Tucker
Writing credits: Duncan Tucker
Principal actors: Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Fionnula Flanagan, Elizabeth Peña, Graham Greene

Bree (Felicity Huffman) is anxiously looking forward to her operation that will finally make her body into the woman that in her heart she already is. A week before the operation, she receives a call from Toby (Kevin Zegers), who is in juvenile detention in New York, looking for his father Stanley. Bree hastily explains that there is no Stanley at that number and hangs up. Before Bree has her operation, however, she must have the approval of her therapist. She reluctantly tells her therapist about the call and is advised that the operation will be cancelled unless and until Bree comes to terms with her past, which includes meeting the son she/he didn’t know he fathered. Bree realizes that she must fly to New York and meet Toby or risk another year long wait for her operation.

When Bree meets Toby at the juvenile detention center, he mistakes her for a Christian missionary. She does nothing to dissuade him. Toby explains that he wants to travel to Los Angeles to become a porn star. Bree offers to take him there, not telling him that they will stop by his stepfather’s house on the way. The stop at Toby’s former home ends in disaster, and the two reluctantly continue their trip together to L.A. The long trip covers much more than just miles as Bree/Stanley and Toby learn about each other. After being robbed by a hitchhiker, the pair seeks refuge at Bree’s home, where her Christian parents are less than welcoming until they realize that Toby is their grandson.

The outstanding performances of Felicity Huffman and Kevin Zegers drive your emotions as you experience with them the wrong turns they both make until they find the rocky way forward together, which results in a terrific film about unconditional love, understanding and acceptance. (Mary Nyiri)

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