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Tomorrow Is Always Too Long
U.K. 2014

Opening 17 Mar 2016

Directed by: Phil Collins
Writing credits: Phil Collins, Ewan Morrison

The filmmaker Phil Collins (not to be confused with the musician of Genesis) pays homage to his hometown of Glasgow. Mixing TV clips, documentary, animation and music videos, Collins creates a landscape of Glasgow, showing different glimpses into the diversity of the city through different generations and classes. He uses six songs from the Welsh musician Cate Le Bon which are accompanied by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Scenes of TV shows, interviews, animation and song are mixed together to create a kaleidoscope of images and sound.

The film can be a confusing experience if the viewer is not familiar beforehand what to expect, and the Glasgow accent can be very hard to understand. However, the film is put together really well and truly portrays the diversity of Glasgow.

Phil Collins is a British-born film maker and visual artist who is now based in Berlin and Wuppertal. His work has been shown in museums such as the MoMA in New York and the Tate Gallery in London. Tomorrow Is Always Too Long is his first feature film. (Alana Leichert)

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