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We Feed the World - Essen Global
Austria 2005

Opening 27 Apr 2006

Directed by: Erwin Wagenhofer
Writing credits:

We Feed the World, directed by Erwin Wagenhofer, is jam-packed full of facts about world-wide food production on both a small scale and a super industrial scale, food waste, and even hunger around Europe and the world. The facts presented are indeed interesting; however, there are simply too many of them. And unfortunately their presentation is so pedantic that this film reminds me of boring classroom films from school days long past. I did enjoy the plethora of languages in which the film was produced; however, unfortunately there wasn’t a plethora of striking images, music, and humor to go with it. Like many recent successful documentaries, this film should make use of these critical elements. Unfortunately, without them We Feed the World is dry, too pedagogic and doesn’t command an audience’s attention. (Shauna Keeley)

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