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Zum Ausziehen Verführt (Failure to Launch)
U.S.A. 2006

Opening 16 Mar 2006

Directed by: Tom Dey
Writing credits: Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember
Principal actors: Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Bates, Terry Bradshaw, Zooey Deschanel

Much to his parents' chagrin, 35 year old Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) not only still lives at home, but also has no intention of leaving the nest. Finally Mom (Kathy Bates) and Dad (Terry Bradshaw) call in a professional for help. Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) has what she believes is the perfect step by step method, which involves her getting the said man to fall in love with her, for convincing a man to move out on his own. But Paula meets her match when she meets Tripp.

While Sarah Jessica Parker’s performance as Paula isn’t bad, it didn’t strike me as being particularly convincing either. MathhewMcConaughey, however, couldn’t be more believable in the role of Tripp. And Kathy Bates is wonderful as his mother. All three, and indeed the rest of the cast as well, do keep the audience laughing throughout the film. And I personally believe I laughed more during this film than I have in any other film in years. The story line is not entirely realistic and there isn’t a deep message or a clever commentary on society, but the film is a comedy, so this is ok. What a comedy should be is funny. And Failure to Launch, directed by Tom Dey, quite simply, is hilarious. (Shauna Keeley)

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