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Exodus (Exodus Where I Come from Is Disappearing)
Germany 2017

Opening 29 Mar 2018

Directed by: Hank Levine
Writing credits: Hank Levine
Principal actors: Wagner Moura, Jule Böwe

Exodus is a documentary which follows the lives and stories of several refugees around the world over a period of two years. Some of the refugees have been forced to leave their homes and others have made the difficult choice of leaving on their own. They all share a history of violence and loss and the human need of being treated fairly in the new country or camp where they are now. While some are trying to make a new life where they are, others are still in transition. The documentary looks at the question of home, where and what is home?

Each refugee tells their story in their own words, using either their own language or in German or English with German subtitles. June Böwe reads passages of a text written by Taiye Selasi (Ghana must go/Diese Dinge geschehen nicht einfach so) which, along with music by Houschka, movingly highlights the feeling of being displaced. Hank Levine has managed to make a film which gives an honest portrayal of a few lives within a mass departure of people leaving one place for another and managing to find the strength and hope to carry on, wherever they find themselves in the world. (Alana Leichert)

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