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Halaleluja – Iren Sind Menschlich! (Halal Daddy)
Germany/Ireland 2017

Opening 21 Jun 2018

Directed by: Conor McDermottroe
Writing credits: Conor McDermottroe, Mark O'Halloran
Principal actors: Sarah Bolger, Colm Meaney, David Kross, Art Malik, Nikesh Patel

Living with Doreen (Deirdre O'Kane) and Jamal (Paul Tylak) in Sligo, Raghdan (Nikesh Patel) is mad about Maeve (Sarah Bolger). Maeve has delivered pizzas since two years when dad was laid off; when invited, dinner with the Logan’s is awkward for Raghdan. His best friends and cohorts, Neville (Jerry Iwu) and Derek (Stephen Cromwell), are low-maintenance and easygoing, although occasionally their lackadaisical ways gets Ragh in trouble. Case in point, misinterpreting Maeve and Jasper’s (David Kross) involvement. Doreen runs interference when Amir (Art Malik) turns up to offer his son a business proposition. Hiring a local as manager, Martin (Colm Meaney) takes on staff from “the elite of Sligo’s unemployed,” just as his bungling social gaffes are overlooked. On balance, everything seems to be coming together nicely, when Amir and Raghdan lock horns. Doreen gives Raghdan some helpful homespun advice. Ultimately, Raghdan’s course of action has an impact with far-reaching consequences.

Director Conor McDermottroe, and co-writer with Mark O'Halloran have rendered a light, easy-to-watch film. Meaney is quite good portraying an old-school Irishman struggling to adapt to the changing social ethnicities environment, while at the same time dealing with personal setbacks. Contrasting that are the father and son portrayals by Malik and Patel with their characters antithetical viewpoints. Production values are solid, accompanied by Matthias Weber’s enjoyable music. There are a few moral points lightly mixed in the fabric of Halal Daddy, yet the emphasis is to send away contented, relaxed audiences. And, no animals were harmed in its making. (Marinell Haegelin)

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