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Canada 2005

Opening 4 May 2006

Directed by: Ruba Nadda
Writing credits: Ruba Nadda
Principal actors: Arsinée Khanjian, Shawn Doyle, Fadia Nadda, Jeff Seymour, Kathryn Winslow

The story of Sabah is about a woman in her forties confined to her mother´s care in their home in Canada. Sabah is a Muslim Arab. All her life she has been living strictly according to her morals and values which her family and her religion have forced upon her. But one day after her afternoon swim in a community pool she “accidentally” meets a handsome Canadian. Shortly thereafter all her values are put into question and her life as she once knew it will change forever.

Sabah, a romantic comedy which deals with religious and social expectations, gives an interesting look into the life of a middle-aged Muslim single woman living in western culture. Unfortunately the comedy and acting did not meet my expectations but nonetheless it is a fun movie and the music was great. (Isabel Stolte)

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