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X-Men 3: Der letzte Widerstand (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)
U.S.A. 2006

Opening 25 May 2006

Directed by: Brett Ratner
Writing credits: Simon Kinberg, Zak Penn
Principal actors: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen

Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics and the X-Men comic series, helps bring his legendary mutant superheroes further to life in this third installment of the X-Men films. This film also includes an all-star cast of returning actors such as Halle Berry (Storm), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Patrick Stewart (Dr. Charles Xavier), and Ian Mc Kellen (Magneto), as well as many others. Mutants are being threatened by the introduction of a cure injection the government has created to destroy all powers once it has entered the body. Magneto, always fighting for the uprising of all mutants against the humans, declares a war on the humans to destroy their key to the cure injections as well as to make sure that all know that the mutants are here to stay. In past films, the lines between good and evil amongst the mutants have been blatantly clear. However, within this plot, those lines are smudged and blurred, leaving the viewer to interact in their own personal guessing game as the story continues. Previous X-Men will join sides with Magneto while others will contemplate voluntarily accepting the cure injection to ensure the normality that they feel their life has always lacked. The special effects are amazing, as are the fighting scenes. The camera manages to capture the fast moving action without missing a beat, giving a wide view of what’s happening as the events take place. New characters are introduced, some unforgettable while others have only one role and go back into the background. Most movie series tend to bomb after the second film but the X-Men films seem to get stronger. This movie is fantastic to see on the big screen and is highly recommended! (Kara Wahn)

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