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Career Day mit Hindernissen (A Happening of Monumental Proportions)
U.S.A. 2017

Opening 25 Oct 2018

Directed by: Judy Greer
Writing credits: Gary Lundy
Principal actors: Jennifer Garner, John Cho, Allison Janney, Katie Holmes, Bradley Whitford

A Happening of Monumental Proportions hums along quietly showing a day in the life of several people, so much so that you don’t realize until it’s over that something monumental did happen to them.  It all comes to a head on Career Day at a local school. The school principals (Allison Janney) and (Rob Riggle) are busy trying to keep a dead body hidden from everyone. Daniel Crawford (Common) is fired that day by his jerky new boss, Mr Schneedy (Bradley Whitford) and they end up in the same Career Day classroom and decide to have it out there in front of a class of dumbstruck kids. Teacher Mr McRow (Anders Holm) is having an existential crisis. And the kids are trying to figure out their way in life.

The actors gave solid performances reacting to the absurdity of life and the characters we meet along the way, which are funny as long as they aren’t happening to you. Allison Janney behaves the way most of us do when confronting the buffoonery of ignorant colleagues, face aghast and throwing shade. Common plays the hapless victim of bureaucratic idiocy and a vengeful lover. Bradley Whitford is the quintessential obnoxious corporate toady, so obnoxious that it’s hard to believe him when he tells his son he loves him.

The children are the bright spots in this movie. Patricia (Storm Reid) and Darius (Marcus Ekert) own their vulnerabilities with confidence and honesty instead of resorting to uncertainty or bravado as do the adults around them. It makes one rethink the advice so often given to children to grow up. It’s a nice commentary on how we, as adults, choose to handle situations and that perhaps we should take a cue from children. (Anne Crocker)

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