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The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift
U.S.A. 2006

Opening 13 Jul 2006

Directed by: Justin Lin
Writing credits: Chris Morgan
Principal actors: Lucas Black

Producer Neal Moritz, owner of The Fast and the Furious franchise, allows director Justin Lin to expose the fanatical world of drift racing in the third Fast and Furious film, Tokyo Drift. The infamous words, “On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!” start racers of all kinds, especially race car drivers with hot engines pushing for a challenge. Misfit Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) never backs down from a dare with the stakes being pink slips and/or girls. His knowledge as an expert mechanic enables him to be a winner in street drag racing, but not without hardships. Boswell’s racing passion and its adrenaline high controls him and consistently gets him in trouble. One race wins him a trip to Japan where, as a deal made with the U.S. juvenile delinquent court, he will live with his estranged father, a career military man stationed in Tokyo. They offer him a clean record if he promises to cut off all ties with the sport of drag racing.

The move forces him to learn another culture and the U.S. authorities hope it will curb his appetite for drag racing. Boswell is sincere in accepting the agreement until he is introduced to the sport of drifting. He is blown away with the precision needed to drive high-powered engines around tight curves. Provoked to show his muscle as the new kid on the block, Boswell gets his first dare from the underworld drift king, D.K. (Brian Tee). Drifting groupies, Twinkie (BowWow) and Han (Sung Kang) get a glimpse of Boswell’s skill and guts. With their help, Boswell makes difficult choices that will determine his future within the dark world of racing. If you are on your mark - and ready to experience racing with sensual intensity with no CGI segments -you are ready to go see this film. (Karen Pecota)

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