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Die sagenhaften Vier (Spy Cat, Marnies Welt)
Germany/Belgium 2018

Opening 18 Apr 2019

Directed by: Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein
Writing credits: Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Jesper Møller
Principal actors: Erik Borner, Alexandra Neldel, Axel Prahl

This animated film for young children is about Marnie, a pampered house cat who sits at home watching cartoons about detectives all day. Marnie longs to have an adventure of her own, but her overly protective owner would never allow it. When a crime spree shakes their sleepy little village, Marnie finally gets her chance to break out of her stifling environment and sets out on an escapade with a motley crew of animals, each one pursing a different dream of adventure or escape.

Unfortunately, this movie was an uninspiring combination of predictability and random mishaps that I found dull to watch. But more surprising was the fact that the two children I watched it with (ages 5 & 8) found it unsettling and unmemorable. (And these kids are not particularly discerning film critics, generally tending to like animated animal romps!) Although Marnie’s World absolutely didn’t contain overly scary subject matter, it somehow managed to be odd in a way that was neither particularly funny nor weird enough to be interesting or visually exciting. Nothing great, nothing offensive, but really nothing much to write home about. (Diana Schnelle)

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