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JGA: Jasmin. Gina. Anna.
Germany 2022

Opening 24 Mar 2022

Directed by: Alireza Golafshan
Writing credits: Alireza Golafshan
Principal actors: Taneshia Abt, Angelo Borer, Katjana Gerz, Julia Hartmann, Luise Heyer

Gina (Taneshia Abt) and Anna (Teresa Rizos) are impressed by Jasmin’s (Luise Heyer) organizational skills in planning Helena’s Junggesellinnenabschied (a traditional bachelorette party/weekend before someone’s wedding). Yet, when they pick Helena (Julia Hartmann) up she seems sedate. Eventually though, Helena confesses why she cannot drink or go to Ibiza with them. The three are surprised, then solicitous and, after dropping Helena at home, are determined to have a fun night. But as their pep wanes Gina moans, “We’ve been single too long.” They rally though once they understand the terms of canceling their flight to Ibiza. Arriving on the island still dressed ridiculously and wearing wigs, their first challenge is accommodations—what they had, what they have now. On top of that, Jasmin runs into her ex-boyfriend Tim (Dimitrij Schaad) who’s there celebrating his Junggesellenabschied with Simon (Trystan Pütter), Stefan (Axel Stein), and Django (Arnel Tači). Despite that, the gals get up to all sorts of hijinks, then turn to Tim and friends for a respite before Jasmin and Gina’s quarrel that caps off the weekend. It seems they are reevaluating being “single” and whether it is all it is made out to be.

German writer-director Alireza Golafshan’s slapstick comedy film starts sassy, and then turns somewhat pensive, wistful. The interaction between Heyer, Abt, and Rizos is good; each portrays her character’s strengths and weaknesses with aplomb and for audiences’ amusement. Production values are good, as are music choices plus Carlos Cipa's film score. Elena Schmidt edited rather heavy-handedly, although possibly coordinated with Golafshan’s change of tone two-thirds into the overlong film when empathy for the three protagonists shifts, particularly for Heyer’s character. One gets a feeling for the points Golafshan’s wants to make, and they are counter to the early humor; it is a tricky venture regardless, and he does not quite pull it off. That said, there are enough laughs in JGA: Jasmin. Gina. Anna. to carry through for an enjoyable watch. (Marinell Haegelin)

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