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Germany 2022

Opening 18 Aug 2022

Directed by: Aron Lehmann
Writing credits: Aron Lehmann, Lea Schmidbauer, Rosalie Thomass
Principal actors: Almila Bagriacik, August Wittgenstein, Rosalie Thomass, Marie Burchard, Luc Feit

Eva (Rosalie Thomass) and Marlene (Marie Burchard) have been best friends since forever. Without Marlene, Eva could never have got through her divorce. Which is why Eva’s flabbergasted when Marlene admits she and Belle (Almila Bagriacik)—now married to Eva’s ex (Tobias Licht)—have become friendly. Even worse is when Marlene talks Eva into the three getting together, and how the animosity is hard on Eva’s young daughter Olivia (Lyn Stucht). So, they meet; Eva is amazed to learn that lots of stuff is going on in Marlene’s life with her husband (Michael Klammer) and someone named Peter (August Wittgenstein) that Eva is clueless about. No wonder Eva joins the upcoming wellness weekend. The weekend gets started with a bang and Eva meeting a clown (Golo Euler), and slides into chaos as naturally as the not in tip-top condition Eva embarking on a wellness journey.

Director Aron Lehmann’s silly bawdy comedy Jagdsaison, co-written with Lea Schmidbauer and Rosalie Thomass is a remake of the 2019 Danish comedy Jagtsæson (Hunting Season). Thomass, Bagriacik, and Burchard irresistibly portray gals on the go during their self-declared open season for hunting. Some scenes over-the-top predicaments beg belief, although the laugh-out-loud scenes outweigh them. Imagine being caught in compromising positions that beg for suffering in silence. Production values are good: Andreas Berger’s cinematography, and editor Ana de Mier y Ortuño’s assembled sequences that defy not laughing at. Annette Focks’s music, combined with contemporary hit tunes delightfully matched to the editing add flavor to this summer flick’s fun. What better on a sweltering day to cool off watching “sisters before misters” light-hearted entertainment. (Marinell Haegelin)

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